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Your One Stop Solution to Food Supplements in Pakistan

Finding the right and genuine food supplements in Pakistan can be a headache when there are no genuine suppliers to choose from. Pakistan is a developing country that means, people are turning towards health and fitness now than ever before.

Synergize.pk is more than just an Online Supplement Store in Pakistan. We are a group of individuals, passionate and dedicated in what we do. All of our team members are highly educated and trained fitness experts. That is why we pride ourselves to be one of the most trusted names in Pakistan’s fitness industry.

Where does the Bodybuilding Supplements in Pakistan come from?

Started off back in 2002, when online presence was not a matter of consideration, Synergize began its operations in 2008 as an official supplier and retailer of ON Whey Protein Gold Standard in Pakistan. Grown since then, Synergize.pk has a range of products that extend far beyond any retailer in Pakistan. All the supplements are either imported from Dubai(primary location) or United States(Secondary location). Synergize has in total of 11 supplements companies who have authorised us to distribute and retail supplements and other fitness accessories.

Why Choose Synergize.pk as an Online Fitness and Supplement Store in Pakistan?

We as being fitness experts ourselves, do more than just Whey Protein or other supplements in Pakistan. Through our online community and presence in many fitness centers in Pakistan, we have helped hundreds of untrained individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Synergize.pk prides itself to be the only one in the industry to do more than just sell Bodybuilding Supplements in Pakistan. We love to engage and interact with people through our Facebook community. Having a sense of humor is also our speciality, that is why you can always find cool memes and articles on our Facebook Page.

Grab our hands and be a part of a community that is a first step towards a fit and healthy Pakistan.

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