Selecting Whey Protein for Women

Best Whey protein for women

The importance of choosing best whey protein for women


There are a number of reasons why adding protein in a women diet will be beneficial. Protein is made of 20 amino acids, out of which 9 acids are essential, which means that your body is not capable of producing is amino acid by its own. Therefore, you can only consume it through eating food which have proteins.

Protein which we eat is the building blocks of muscle. There are also important because they are needed for neurotransmitters and hormones.



Advantages of taking protein:

  • Protein balances out your energy levels and appetite. Protein takes longer to break down and digest. This means the person will be full for a longer time.


  • Burning of Calories is done more efficiently: A body needs 20-35 percent of energy to burn and digest protein, which means protein have a great thermic effect of food.


  • Protein also boosts your immune system. If a person uses the best whey protein for women to their diet, they not only takes muscle-building strength but also boost their immune system. The best whey protein for women consists of glutathione, which is a tri-peptide which is helpful in strengthening the function of immune.


What is Whey protein and is it good to take whey protein?

Whey protein actually is the by-product of cheese production which is the liquid left over on top of the curdled milk.  This protein contains the protein which is necessary for making protein synthesis and hypertrophy.


Whey is used mostly by athletes and bodybuilder women. It is because of the high amount of amino acids present. These proteins are high in leucine, which is the essential amino acids that are used in producing the initials of protein synthesis.


The best time to take whey protein is after training, because of this rapid digestion and abundance of leucine.


What are the types of Whey protein that are available?

There are three major kinds.

  • Whey Concentrate
  • Whey isolate
  • Whey hydrolysate


Whey concentrate is the Cheapest form of protein because it is least processed. This protein contains a few amounts of fat as well as lactose. Whey isolates are the better quality of protein, as the fat and lactose is refined from it.  They are more expensive to manufacture as compared to whey concentrate.


Whey hydrolysate is the predigested form of whey protein, which means out body can easily absorb it, and this type is also free of any allergenic substance which contains milk products.  This is also good for solubility and digestibility of protein. Whey concentrate is the most expensive as compared to the remaining other three types.


What factors are considered before taking any of this whey protein?

While selecting the type and amount of protein intake, these factors should be considered:


  • The total muscle women have. The more the muscle, the higher the amount of protein intake.


  • How active a woman is. If a woman is really active in exercise, the body needs more protein intake.


  • The age of the women. The more aged the women are, the body needs more protein to maintain the lean mass.