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muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original

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Pakistan has been good to all of us. No matter what the conditions, we love our country and appreciate God to be born in such a graceful and kind country. But some or the other way we need to be careful in all circumstances of life, whether buying a car or as simple as buying a supplement or any other medicine.

Due to few illiterate and inhuman people, we Pakistani’s have to face products that are counterfeit. We at Synergize.pk aim to shatter the aims of these humans by posting all the latest pictures for Supplements that include body building and fitness supplements.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 

In this post we will discuss and elaborate the details of the most renowned fat burner known as Muscle Tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. As the Bottle has no cap seal like Optimum nutrition whey protein, you may ask yourself what is the best way to differentiate between an original and fake product? Well here is the detailed answer:

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original
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Starting off with the above mentioned picture which is the Front facing image of the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Bottle, you can clearly see the glossy finish the product has. An easy way to taste the bottle wrapper is to move it a little in some light and you will see it glow just like an highlighter. This is the first and foremost thing to check while purchasing this product.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original pictures pakistan
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Another view of the original fat burner bottle. You can notice the glossy and highlight effect the bottle has throughout the wrapping. Always check for any spelling mistakes or any missing TM signs that can depict fake products.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original pictures in karachi
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Any supplement you choose to buy, always check that nutritional facts are present. In the case of original Muscle tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite version, you must check the ingredients mentioned are same like in this image and and properly mentioned without any spelling mistakes.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original in lahore
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The Cap of the Muscle Tech Hydroxycut hardcore elite is Embossed defining the way to open the bottle. The bottle opens by pushing the cap downwards and then rotating the cap anti-clockwise. You must make sure the cap has this labeled and has an anti opening mechanism which is usually there to prevent kids from swallowing any pills.

hydroxycut hardcore elite original images
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Last but definitively not the least, the expiry date for any supplement or medicine is crucial. Avoid using or buying any expired product, or any product with an inadvisable expiry date. In case of original muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite bottle you will get the expiration date in this format with lot number and complete expiry date. The bottom bottle also has an ALPHA sign embossed that is the maker of this genuine bottle.


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