Original Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 6Lbs Pictures

serious mass 6lb original pictures front view. karachi lahore pakistan

An In-Depth Guide on Original Serious Mass 6lb with High Definition Original Product Images

This is the most awaited article for most of the Pakistani Body builders and fitness freaks. Why? The reason is that Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is one of the most highest selling and reputed mass gainer in Pakistan. Serious Mass in Pakistan is mostly available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry but our personal favorite is Strawberry as it allows us to add and mix different flavors such as adding strawberries, bananas and other fruits to make it even more effective while being tasty.

Although there are a lot of reliable sellers in the market, two things prevail that haunt customers not only in terms of being expensive but being fake as well that can harm one’s health. At Synergize.pk we believe in customer education. We are a group of highly educated and passionate fitness experts that are dedicated in providing information on all kinds of supplements to all Pakistanis. As Serious Mass 6lb is favorite for Pakistani’s it is seen that most people are copying this product and looting people. Synergize.pk will discuss in details about how to identify Original Serious Mass 6lb Jar in Pakistan with authentic and self taken images that will guide and differentiate between a fake and an original ON Serious Mass.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 


serious mass 6lb original pictures front view. karachi lahore pakistan
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We will start of with the front image of ON serious mass 6lb. The first destinction of an original product is its finishing. You can clearly see that an Original serious mass is labeled properly with Registered marks, flavour specification and a clear shining black bottle.

serious mass 6lb original pictures side view 1. karachi lahore pakistan
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The above picture is of a detailed graph of ingredients present in an Original and Authentic Serious Mass 6lb. Please Maximize the image and go through all ingredients so that you are sure it matches with your purchased product as well. You can also notice the ON sign at the bottom of the wrap.

serious mass 6lb original pictures cap. karachi lahore pakistan
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Now comes the fun part. An authentic ON product has an embossed cap. The image clearly shows the ON logo which is embossed with an embossed tag line of true strength. The emboss cap should have a fine quality with no spelling or design mistakes.

original serious mass 6lb images seal karachi lahore pakistan
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Optimum Nutrition Seal is the most important trademark of their brand. They claim that this seal cannot get copied and yes that is true. The ON golden seal is the most important sign to judge a product for its authenticity. The ON seal is golden in color and when you move the product you can see that it shines just like a highlighter. The seal is seamless which means that it is not a sticker but it is embossed with the black seal at the top of the container. Make sure to double check the seal of ON products as some people try to copy it but it can be easily identify if you follow this post.

serious mass 6lb original pictures expiry date karachi lahore pakistan
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For any eatable product, be it a medicine, fast food or supplement, the expiration date is very important for it to be consumed without any risk. In case of optimum nutrition Serious Mass 6lb, the expiration date is at the bottom of the jar and is in blue colored ink. Most of the ONs products come with a 2 year expiration date. So for example if a product is manufactured in 02 May 20016, it should have an expiration date of 02 May 2018. Please make sure to purchase a product with a clear expiration date. Although this date gets erased, you should make sure to ask for a product that has an expiration date mentioned or atleast manufacturing date is clear.


We get a lot of questions from customer who go through our articles about the bottom of the ON jar. The questions is why the bottom looks like it was opened and sealed together. Well, the answer is that it is manufactured this way from the company and there is nothing we can do about it.



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The Matric Routine for Triceps

triceps exercises pakistan

The Matric Routine for Triceps for Pakistanis

THE MATRIX ROUTINE FOR TRICEPS by Synergize.pk offers something special for those who like training triceps and who also want to see quick results. The term ‘triceps’ derives from the Latin word for ‘three -headed’ and refers to the inner, outer and middle heads of the muscle area, each of which is engaged in straightening the arm. A word of caution – because the triceps is a relatively strong muscle, there is a temptation to use heavy weights to train it.

As a consequence, many athletes develop elbow problems which could have been avoided. The matrix principle is a great advantage in this regard, as it does not require heavy weights to work the muscle at its deepest levels to exhaustion. The other cause of injury, however, involves bouncing the weight when the barbell is lowered. But don’t sabotage your elbows by failing to control the weight at every point in the movement.

Matrix triceps exercise should he performed as ‘isokinetic’ or continuous tension movements. In other words, lowering and raising the weight at about the same speed in both directions.

The general matrix routine for triceps is made up of three exercises, performed consecutively as a ‘giant rotating set’ based around matrix “Iso-tension” movements. The initial exercises are:

  • The lying triceps ex-tension with a barbell, (with an EZ curl bar),
  • Triceps pushdowns on the lat machine, and
  • Standing triceps extensions (preferably with the EZ curl bar).

You should begin by warming up with 20 reps in the close grip bench press. Lying on the bench face up, choose a weight which is approximately 25 % of your maximum bench press. Your hands should grip the bar so that they are spaced no more than 15 to 25 cm apart. Lower the bar the chest (just below the nipple) and press the bar to arm’s length for 20 reps. Rest for one minute.

Sequence 1

The first exercise in the sequence is the lying triceps extension. You should start with a weight you can handle comfortably. Using the EZ curl bar, if possible, lie face up on a bench without racks, or if the bench has weight racks, lie at the opposite end of the bench from them. Grip the bar at a point which is about equal to the width of the bench. Start with the arms straight, as in the completion position of the bench press with the palms of your hands facing your feet. Slowly lower the bar to a point on the bench (or of the end of the bench) just behind the head by ben-ding the arms at the elbows only. The bar should just lightly touch the bench directly behind your head. Be careful not to hit your head on the way down and don’t pin your hair to the bench with the bar. Control is of the utmost importance in this exercise. Lower the bar and raise it to the complete point for 5 full reps. Now lower the bar and raise it up to a point about 3cm above the halfway position.

Now complete the first exercise by lowering and raising the weight for 5 full reps. Pause for 10 seconds and begin the second exercise in the sequence, triceps pushdowns.

Using the short triceps bar (if available) to attach to the lat machine cable, select a weight which you can handle comfortably for triceps pushdowns. Facing the lat machine, grip the bar and pull it towards the level of your pectorals. Push the bar down by rotating the forearm towards your thigh. Try to keep the elbows at your sides and stationary, as the movement should be from the elbows down to the hands only. Push the bar down towards the thigh and repeat moment for 15 conventional reps. Pause 10 seconds and proceed to the third exercise in the sequence, the standing triceps extension.

Using the EZ curl bar with a moderate weight, press the bar overhead. Keeping the elbow in the same position, lower the weight behind the head to about the point at which the neck meets the base of the skull and press the weight up to the original starting position. Repeat this movement for 5 reps. Now lower the bar to the bottom point and press it to just above the halfway point. Repeating this half movement for 5 reps. Straighten the arms to the overhead position again and lower the bar to a point approximately 3cm below halfway point; then straighten the arms. Repeating the movement for 5 reps.

Now finish the final movement in this first sequence with 5 full reps. If the weight is too heavy to maintain a strict style. Pause and try again. But do not bounce the weight at the bottom to get it up to the overhead position.

This then completes the first sequence. Rest for two minutes before proceeding.


Sequence 2

In the second sequence you commence with the second exercise in the first series. The triceps pushdown performed this time as an iso tension matrix. Thus you do 5 full reps to commence from the bottom to a point 3 cm just above the halfway point then 5 reps from the bottom to the starting position at pec level down to just below the halfway position. Finally completing this first exercise with 5 full reps. Pause for 5 seconds before proceeding.

The second exercise in the sequence is the third exercise in the first series, i.e. the standing triceps extension. Performed in conventional style. Holding the weight with arms straight overhead and palms facing the direction you are looking. Lower the weight by bending the elbow while the position of upper arm remains stationary and press the bar to arms’ length again. Repeat this movement for 12 to 15 reps. depending upon your stamina. Pause for 10 seconds before going on to the third exercise in the sequence.

The third exercise in the second sequence is the lying triceps extension. Performed as a matrix isotension. Lying face up on the bench and varying the grip from the first set. Press the bar to the arm’s length, keeping the elbows stationary and rotating only the lower half of the arm. Repeat this movement for 5 reps. Now lower the bar to the bench and raise it to a point 3 cm above the halfway position and repeat for 5 reps. Press the bar to the overhead position until the arms are straight and this time lower the bar down to just below the halfway position- elbows as stationary as possible and extend the bar to the starting position for 5 reps. Complete the final movement in the second sequence by doing 5 full reps. rest for 3 minutes before commencing.


Sequence 3

Sequence 3 begins with the third exercise in the first series, the standing triceps extension, performed again as a matrix isotension. This means that you press the bar to the overhead position so that the arms are straight and lower the bar behind the head as far as possible, returning the bar to the overhead position for 5 reps. Now lower the bar and do 4 reps from the bottom position to just above the halfway position, then do 4 reps from the overhead position to just below halfway and up; then 5 full reps. Pause 15 seconds.

The second exercise in the third sequence is the lying triceps extension, performed this time as a conventional movement for not more than 12 full reps. Upon completion of this movement you should pause for 20 seconds and begin the third exercise in the sequence.

The third exercise in the sequence is the triceps pushdown on the lat machine, per- formed this time as a matrix isotension. Facing the lat machine, do 5 full reps of the triceps pushdown. Now straighten the arms to the bottom position and relax the elbows so that the bar slowly raises to just above halfway position before straightening the arms again. Repeat for 5 reps. Now from the top position at the level of the pectorals, press the bar down to approximately 3cm below the halfway position and repeat the movement for 5 reps.

The exercise is now completed by doing 5 full reps in conventional style.


The matrix program by Synergize.pk as outlined above can be supplemented by substituting any of the following exercises: parallel bar dips (narrow bar spacing); single-arm dumbbell triceps extension; triceps kickback with a dumbbell, and triceps rear bench dips.

For those advanced bodybuilders who wish to Specialize on the triceps, the above routine can be performed twice per week for 7 weeks, if the original exercises are completely substituted with 3 different triceps exercises, rotating from week to Week the specific exercises which constitute the series. Always maintain good nutrition and diet by supplementing your diet with Whey protein, essential vitamins and pre-workout supplements in Pakistan to fuel your body throughout the day.