MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Original Pictures

muscletech platinum creatine seal

Get to know the real MuscleTech Platinum Creatine. Images, Description, Signs and More.

Like any other Musctech Product, Muscle Tech Plaitnum series Creatine is a perfect formula for Creatine if you are looking for serious and original muscle power and size. Though many people say that creatine is all water weight, Creatine does leave a lasting impact on your strength and stamina. According to an article published on Livestrong, creatine benefits far exceeds that of any other supplement in its category with benefits not only for muscles but improved brain functioning an focus.

This article in particular is focused on Original Muscle Tech Platinum Creatine and how to identify and original sealed product.

muscletech platinum creatine front pakistan

This is the front image of Muscle Platinum creatine. When buying creatine by MuscleTech always take a look at the finishing of the product. Any fake or tempered product will not have a shine like this original packing. This particular batch is NEW which means it has 100 grams extra creatine, making total of 500 grams. Do take a note of all the labels including, Muscletech with TM mark, America’s number 1 selling and Saint xavier leading university logo.

A close up image of the seal of Muscle Tech Micronized creatine. The seal is seamless with MT tm logo all over it. Do not forget to check the dotted line that goes on the seal which makes it easier for the seal to remove.

muscletech platinum creatine cap

The cap of MT creatine is black in color(as of now) with no embossed logo or print. You may check the seal for the dotted line here as well which is used to remove the seal easily.

muscletech platinum creatine awards

MuscleTech is proud of its research and products and never forgets to mention the awards it has received from several institutions. Here, the back side of original MT platium creatine includes the list of all the awards/ achievements and guarantees Muscle Tech has gained over the years.

When ever buying any supplement, always check the Supplement facts, to avoid any mishaps. Muscle Tech creatine only contains full creatine monohydrate and nothing else. You can check its label for spelling errors and clear supplement facts have been highlighted.

muscletech platinum creatine expiry

Last but defitenly not the least is the bottom of this product. EVery supplement has an expiration date and it is very important to get a supplement with a long expiry date so you can consume it over time. Original Muscletech Creatine jar is made by and no one else. Make sure when buying one, it is mentioned clearly with their contact number as well. The product also comes with mentioned LOT # and and exp date.


We hope that this article was helpful in identifying an Original Muscle Tech platinum creatine from a fake one. We at believe in a healthier Pakistan and only provide products that we import and stock. So what are you waiting for, buy now and get a product which is Authentic and with long expiry.  Contact us now for any questions.