It’s about that time of the year, When Iphone is here.

iphone 8 design

It’s about that time of the year. Iphone 8 is here

Do you know what’s happening around or what’s new in town? Well where I sit there is only one thing in peoples mind and that’s an iPhone 8. Well technically it’s an iPhone X and 8 but do not worry about the name because iPhone always comes up with the new game.

Apple’s main focus this time was to completely redesign its iPhone model by making it flawless and giving it a complete edge to edge display(which Samsung has already done) facial recognition(which Samsung and others have already done) and removal of home button(well every other phone now has those so won’t be bashing Apple by mentioning brands here). None the less, every time Apple makes a change to their phone, it’s already there in other phones, BUT iPhone makes it better than anyone else in the market. Samsung edge to edge display in my opinion is not something to brag about. There are many issues such as holding in hand and others. Well we are not here to talk about Samsung so let’s continue with the mystical iPhone X.

Still, all these features sound cool on an iphone 8 and 8 plus? Well you should not run that fast as none of the above mentioned features come in iPhone 8? Well What? Yes! The redesign only comes in an iPhone X(10). For Pakistanis you can call it an iPhone 10. Well where the hell did iPhone 9 went? It must be sitting in a corner and shouting KYU NIKALA MUJAY(Joke only Pakistanis will get)? Well let’s not get too cheesy here. In short, design wise iphone8 is almost the same as its predecessor iPhone 7.

Who will buy an iPhone 8 in Pakistan when you know an iPhone X is just next door? Well millions of them who share a data package in countries like Europe and the United States who will need a heavy upgrade of almost $1000. These phones then trickle down to our country Pakistan, where we can purchase them.

iphone 8 design

Lets talk about the design of an iphone 8

According to Apple iPhone 8 is the 4th generation of an iPhone 6 and in terms of design as well. In unveiling iPhone 8 this year, Apple said it’s an all new design but we now what apple means when it’s says “an all new design” right? The only major difference you will be able to notice is the glass back. It’s just the same guys so you won’t be having any issues fitting it into your old iPhone 7 or 6 covers. Well at least Apple saved us some money there.

Why the glass back? Apple claims this glass makes the iPhone super strong and scratch less. But that’s only according to Apple as I have seen lots of videos emerging that it can be scratched. The glass makes it a little heavier but that is good when you hold the set in your hand. It gives you a feel that you are holding something not like iPhone 7 and 6 where it felt like it’s going to slip out of my hand. The glass also makes it easy to grip and hence less chances of fall.

When we talk about color availability, iPhone 8 comes in silver, gold and black. All colors are changes so when I say silver, it’s not exactly not Silver but has a whitish touch to it. When we talk about gold, we are not talking about gold and the rose gold which girls used to adore, it more towards the bronze side. As for the black it’s almost the same as the predecessor.

Speaking about historical design of Apple’s iPhone line, I would still rate an iPhone 4 the best of all. At the introduction of iPhone 6 I was a bit here and there but iPhone 6 now has sunken deep into what I would say the best design a man can get though it had a comparatively shorter screen than its competitors. This gives me shock just thinking that iPhone is actually just standing where it was 4 years ago when it introduced iPhone 6 design. While other manufacturers have invested heavily in design improvements like, LG, Huawei and Samsung, iPhone is stagnant. IPhone X can definitely compete with all other brands but Apple announcing iPhone 8 as a flag ship phone is just misleading in terms of design improvements.

In terms of Design to its android competitor Samsung S8, S8 has a larger screen size than an iPhone 8 plus, is sleeker due to a non-bump camera and feels just right when you hold it. Well I actually love the way an S8 just sits there, looks like a shiny black rock and iPhone 8 couldn’t compete with.

For those people stuck on i-message features and IOS being their father, iPhone 8 upgrade is the only choice we have as Android might be something not well for us though it is a wonderful platform. In the end, when you buy an iPhone 8 and want to impress you fellows, it just won’t cut it as it’s JUST THE SAME as iPhone 7. For the show off to work, you will have to wait for the iPhone X.

Display, speakers  and boom

Apple’s added True Tone tech to the iPhone 8 display, which first appeared on the iPad Pro. I’ve always thought the iPhone LCD was the best overall display on the market in terms of color accuracy, and True Tone just makes it look better, by measuring ambient light with sensors on the front of the phone and adjusting color temperature on the fly. You won’t notice it working while it’s on, but if you obsessively click the button on and off under most indoor lighting you’ll see things warm up a little when it’s active.

The new iPhone 8 has a True Tone technology which was present in an iPad Pro. In terms of color accuracy and not vivid color, I think iPhone performs best. While Samsung may have vividness and mesmerizing colors you will love, apple iPhone 8 will give you what’s actually there and not enhanced colors.

iphone 8 true toneiphone 8 brightnessI just love the iPhone sound. Since its beginning for an iPod, Apple has been creating units that just beats everyone in its class. Same goes with iPhone 8 Stereo speaks which is upgraded as well and won’t disappoint your ears.


Although you won’t feel the change in Bluetooth technology much, but it’s crucial in future. The new Bluetooth 5 will be much more reliable in terms of stable connectivity. The pairing is done much more smoothly with third party speakers and devices.

The headphone jack is still missing which means you will have to stick to iPhone’s ear pods which in my opinion are not bad if you get used to it and it literally won’t take time for you to get a hang of it. Although the headphone dongle is the lowest rated product on Apple Store, it will eventually be something every other mobile manufacturer will be adapting too. But well that’s just my opinion.

OO Wow, Wire less charging. oo yes battrey life

Finally when everything is going wireless Apple has now also joined the game of wireless charging. I mean come on it is damn useful besides being cool. The iPhone 8 back glass actually allows it to be wirelessly charged. Apple will be using Mophie charging pads that also work with Qi pads from Samsung. Seems surprising that an Apple product can be used with other mobile manufacturers.

iphone 8 wireless charging

The qi pads are comparatively slow on charging compared with wire charging. Apple wants to compete by providing a fast wireless charging capability. The drawback of wireless charging is that it does not make you able to pick up your phone, but alternatively you can use the lighting cable.

According to an article published by Nilay Patel at the verge, the wireless charging made the phone really warm. When communicated with Apple, they said that the phone will stop charging if it gets too hot. I mean that’s not the solution, it should not get so warm.

Talking about battery life, iPhone 8 and 8 plus have smaller batteries compared with its predecessors iPhone 7. But still the battery performance is same as before giving one standard day usage. The point here with all iPhone is that over time their battery just loses its power so we will actually have to wait and see how iPhone 8 battery performs over time. Fingers crossed.


No doubt S8 have made a big wave in terms of Image capturing in various tests. Apple didn’t agree before but now iPhone 8 pictures are now much more saturated like Samsung S8s, giving images a vivid look. Although Apple’s focus is to be REAL in capturing pictures, than providing its customers with an edited image (lay man slang). The HDR feature is always ON so you cannot shot non-hdr pictures. According to some bloggers who have been vigorously testing iPhone 8, it gave them richest images compared to other feature phones.

iphone 8 camera


Still in the Beta phase, the iPhone 8 main feature in terms of photography is its portrait lighting with setups named as contour, studio and stage. It’s just like removing a background or blurred it to give images a more focused look on the subject. It’s in developing stage so will see some major improvements in upcoming updates.

Talking about performance

Talking about ALL NEW THINGS in an iPhone 8, iphone 8 has an all new A11 bionic processor. The same processor will also come in iPhone X. Why the name “Bionic” for a chipset? According to sources Apple wanted to name its processor so it can be more exciting to pronounce or read. Like last year Fusion was added to A10 processor. Do not think this is a turbo charged processor but it does the trick like all iPhones.

Performance wise iPhone 8 is faster than iPad pro and the lower end model of MacBook Pro. That’s how fast an iPhone 8 is. This time they have also added and Apple designed GPU which was not present in the past. Like always you won’t feel a big push in terms of performance for its previous version because that’s how it always has been. All iPhone work very fast so upgrading from an iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 won’t show you any wonders.


The new added processors performance can be felt while playing games and especially when you use apps that use Apple’s Arkit in iOS 11. Apps are still in developing stage as iPhone has just came out so you will have to wait a little before it is perfected.

The judgement

The new iPhone 8 is not something you will think to jump to. IPhone 7 is still very fast and performance cannot be practically compared when apps are played. If you want wireless charging you can use a case that will handle it. As far as the portrait function goes there are currently tons of apps available for iPhone 7 that will do the trick without spending. Of course with time apps will be developed that will fully utilize iPhone 8’s feature and performance. For us looking for best iPhone 8 price in Pakistan, it’s just a matter of time the phone gets a little old and we can get hands on it without any contract.