7 day weight loss pill in Pakistan. Reviews and Alternatives.

7 day weight loss pill pakistan karachi

Does 7 Day Weight Loss Pill in Pakistan really work? Reviews and Alternatives.

It’s not easy. When overweight people come to us or call us about their weight issue and ask us regarding the 7 day weight loss pill in Pakistan and its price, our first response is that:

“It won’t be easy”

But according to the manufacturer of 7 day weight loss pill, it is claimed to reduce weight within 7 days which will be significant enough to be noticed by others.

Although it is not advised by doctors or nutritionist to reduce more than 2 pounds per day, this pill tends to brake these norms. The pill is available at Amazon and other retailers for the price of: $36 which is equivalent of Rs: 3700 approx. Let us look at what a 7 day weight loss pill really is.

What does it claim?

The supplement is made with ingredients that will help reduce your appetite and burn fat at the same time. Due to the detox ingredients, it also help cleanse your body.

What’s inside a 7 day weight loss pill?

No matter what a supplement company claims, the real evidence is in the ingredients of that product, their potency and efficacy. There are total of 6 main ingredients in 7 day weight loss pill. Let take a brief look at them:

Buchu Leaves
It is used as a detox agent that maintains gastrointestinal tract and urinary function. This ingredients has been approved by FDA as its natural and can be used as a natural weight loss supplement.

Uva Ursi
A detox agent it is actually plant leaves that are used to clean urinary tract disorders that include cleaning of infections in bladder, kidney and urethra. It is known to have slight weigh loss benefits.

Senna Leaf 

Also a leaf extract from the plant Senna, is found to be helpful for constipation. By improving and cleaning your digestive system it can help you reduce weight over the passage of time.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a bacteria which is also used as a detox agent to clean the digestive tract. By cleaning the digestive system and improving bowl tract, Lactobacillus Acidophilus can help reduce weight by maintaining a healthy absorption in your body.

Dandelion Root

Also a detox agent which is found in most weight loss supplement, helps clean liver.


The purpose of this ingredient is to improve absorption of sugar in your blood. By doing so it give you high energy level throughout the day while restricting carbohydrates to not turn into fat.


As you can see, 5 out of 6 ingredients found in 7 day weight loss pill are just plain detox agents with main function of cleaning your body and not to reduce weight.

Why you should take it?

  • Does not contain any dangerous stimulant. It is free from relatively dangerous stimulants found in other weight loss supplements.
  • Reduces and give control over appetite and eating disorders.
  • Cleanses and detox your body
  • Supports bowel movement

Why you should NOT take it?

  • The ingredients do not contain 1 single ingredient which can be directly associated with weight loss.
  • It is expensive than other weight loss supplements in Pakistan with a price of Rs: 3700. You can find other 5 star rated weight loss supplements that really work below this price.
  • The company is not that reputable or have a history.

4 Good Alternatives for 7 day weight loss Supplement in Pakistan that really work

There are many weight loss supplements in the world. Few of them work while others are just scams. Below is the list of 4 best of the best weight loss supplements that are 100% proven to reduce your weight and appetite.

 1. Lipo 6 Black UC Hers (Female use only):

lipo 6 hers pakistan
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Lipo 6 Hers is one of the best weight loss supplement for Females. It has a rating of 7.7 on bodybuilding.com and is in top charts of best weight loss supplements. It is however restricted for female use only.

2. Lipo 6 Black UC:

lipo 6 black uc pakistan
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Lipo 6 Black UC is a one pill only weight loss supplement. This means you do not have to take multiple pills in one day. It can be used by both males and females however we suggest females to use Lipo 6 for hers instead of this as it is more specific. It has a rating of 7.9 on bodybuilding.com and 4.6 out of 5 rating at gnc.com.

3. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite:

hydroxycut elite pakistan
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One of the best-selling weight loss supplement in Pakistan, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite by Muscle Tech truly wins our heart. Hydroxycut has been selling since 20 years now and consumers truly love it effect on appetite, metabolism and weight reducing capabilities. It can be used both by Men and Women. It is very hardcore which means you should note take 2 capsules per day. It has a whopping rating of 8.6 on bodybuilding.com and 4.5 on Gnc.com.

4. Labrada Garcinia Cambogia:

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Garcinia Cambogia is an herbal product by Labrada. Although you may have heard about this, for those who have not, Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most selling and popular herbal weight loss supplement in the market which is endorsed by Dr Oz. Although it is not that hardcore compared with Lipo 6 and Hydrocxycut, Labrada Garcinia Cambogia is truly a side effect free weight loss supplement you can get. It is most popular amongst ladies. Labrada Garcinia Cambogia has a rating of 7.3 which is not bad considering that it is an all herbal product that actually gives result.


It is important to note that these 4 alternative has a proven track record unlike the 7 day weight loss pill in Pakistan. Our customers are based in Pakistan and simply love using the alternatives which are actually most recommended weight loss supplement you can get.


Will whey protein make you Fat? A common misconception in Pakistani’s

whey protein and weight loss

Will whey protein make you Fat? A common misconception in Pakistani’s

Protein powder and other nutrition supplements in Pakistan are considered to be as harmful and the lack of knowledge here makes person easily confused. Whey protein which is actually the most used protein supplement in the world, being used by adults and teenagers, are frowned upon if used in public. We all have been in an awkward position outside the gym while holding our protein shakers while people look at you in an awkward way.

There are many types of protein available in the market. But the important part is the differentiation between these kinds. Most widely used are whey protein and weight gainer proteins. Both have wide range of differences so it’s better to know what your goal is while choosing one. Whey protein which is concentrated or isolated form of protein does not only help you in gaining muscles but also may aid in your goal of losing fat.

Whey protein Diet for Weight loss

So how can adding whey protein in your diet help you lose weight especially when you are living in Pakistan where most of the people opt for desi foods than a balance diet? People complain that they eat less but still gain weight. The reason is simple, you have to burn more calories than you intake them. If you do not work out or don’t have any physical activity yet you consume 200 to 500 calories more than your body requires, at the end of the day you will gain weight even though you are eating cautiously. On the other hand if you consume less calories than your body need you will lose weight. So basically all about balancing calories, fat, protein, carbs and other amino requirements.

So how will adding whey protein in your diet help you lose weight? Whey protein such as Optimum nitration gold standard or other top notch companies, have the right amount of calories and protein. So for example if you skip one meal that has 500 calories and take one scoop of whey protein which has 24 grams of protein(equal to one chicken breast) and 120 calories, you are reducing your calorie intake of 400 calories per meal. Using one scoop of whey will not only ensure that you reduce your calorie intake, but it also gives your body essential protein and amino acids requirements which a junk food diet cant.

Why whey protein over soy protein for a balanced diet?

According to many studies, whey protein is better than other proteins available in the market. One research published in 2011 which was related to obesity and involved experiments on rats, showed that rats who were fed whey protein ate less then rats who were fed with soy protein. At the end of the experiment it was found out that rats who were given a whey protein diet lost more weight than those who were given soy protein. Although animal studies cannot be 100% tied with humans, they show that whey protein may affect your eating habit and consuming less calories.

Losing the right weight is important as well. A good example can be derived from a study published in nutrition and metabolism in 2008. The study was conducted on two groups, one with whey protein based diet while the other with whey-free shake. The 2 groups took same amount of diet each day. Over the 12 week study, researchers found out that not only the group who took whey protein lost more weight, this group also managed to retain more muscles. While some may say that their dieting is not leading to any weight loss, they must understand that if they are retaining or gaining muscles, they will lose less weight but more fat. Why? Because muscles are heavier than fat so if you lose fat which is a size of your palm it will show less on weighing scale than if you lose muscles the same size.

Retaining muscles is important as muscles are active than fat and having more muscle increases your calorie burn which in turns boosts your metabolism.

Combining Exercise with Whey protein to Lose Weight

Whey protein has been scientifically proven to increase your strength and muscles size. As protein feeds your muscles and help you in muscle recovery, adding whey protein in your diet will increase your muscle mass and hence decrease your fat. The explanation of this has been given above.

whey protein and exerciseTake Whey responsibly
Although whey protein is a health supplement, anything done over dose might serve as a problem for you. Those suffering from a medical condition such as weak kidney or any disease, adding too much whey may be harmful for you. Once you resolve your kidney or any other medical issues, you can start using and adjusting whey protein to your diet. When and how you use whey protein is up to you. You can add whey protein in a glass of water, making it lean, or in a glass of skimmed milk. The choice is yours.

It’s about that time of the year, When Iphone is here.

iphone 8 design

It’s about that time of the year. Iphone 8 is here

Do you know what’s happening around or what’s new in town? Well where I sit there is only one thing in peoples mind and that’s an iPhone 8. Well technically it’s an iPhone X and 8 but do not worry about the name because iPhone always comes up with the new game.

Apple’s main focus this time was to completely redesign its iPhone model by making it flawless and giving it a complete edge to edge display(which Samsung has already done) facial recognition(which Samsung and others have already done) and removal of home button(well every other phone now has those so won’t be bashing Apple by mentioning brands here). None the less, every time Apple makes a change to their phone, it’s already there in other phones, BUT iPhone makes it better than anyone else in the market. Samsung edge to edge display in my opinion is not something to brag about. There are many issues such as holding in hand and others. Well we are not here to talk about Samsung so let’s continue with the mystical iPhone X.

Still, all these features sound cool on an iphone 8 and 8 plus? Well you should not run that fast as none of the above mentioned features come in iPhone 8? Well What? Yes! The redesign only comes in an iPhone X(10). For Pakistanis you can call it an iPhone 10. Well where the hell did iPhone 9 went? It must be sitting in a corner and shouting KYU NIKALA MUJAY(Joke only Pakistanis will get)? Well let’s not get too cheesy here. In short, design wise iphone8 is almost the same as its predecessor iPhone 7.

Who will buy an iPhone 8 in Pakistan when you know an iPhone X is just next door? Well millions of them who share a data package in countries like Europe and the United States who will need a heavy upgrade of almost $1000. These phones then trickle down to our country Pakistan, where we can purchase them.

iphone 8 design

Lets talk about the design of an iphone 8

According to Apple iPhone 8 is the 4th generation of an iPhone 6 and in terms of design as well. In unveiling iPhone 8 this year, Apple said it’s an all new design but we now what apple means when it’s says “an all new design” right? The only major difference you will be able to notice is the glass back. It’s just the same guys so you won’t be having any issues fitting it into your old iPhone 7 or 6 covers. Well at least Apple saved us some money there.

Why the glass back? Apple claims this glass makes the iPhone super strong and scratch less. But that’s only according to Apple as I have seen lots of videos emerging that it can be scratched. The glass makes it a little heavier but that is good when you hold the set in your hand. It gives you a feel that you are holding something not like iPhone 7 and 6 where it felt like it’s going to slip out of my hand. The glass also makes it easy to grip and hence less chances of fall.

When we talk about color availability, iPhone 8 comes in silver, gold and black. All colors are changes so when I say silver, it’s not exactly not Silver but has a whitish touch to it. When we talk about gold, we are not talking about gold and the rose gold which girls used to adore, it more towards the bronze side. As for the black it’s almost the same as the predecessor.

Speaking about historical design of Apple’s iPhone line, I would still rate an iPhone 4 the best of all. At the introduction of iPhone 6 I was a bit here and there but iPhone 6 now has sunken deep into what I would say the best design a man can get though it had a comparatively shorter screen than its competitors. This gives me shock just thinking that iPhone is actually just standing where it was 4 years ago when it introduced iPhone 6 design. While other manufacturers have invested heavily in design improvements like, LG, Huawei and Samsung, iPhone is stagnant. IPhone X can definitely compete with all other brands but Apple announcing iPhone 8 as a flag ship phone is just misleading in terms of design improvements.

In terms of Design to its android competitor Samsung S8, S8 has a larger screen size than an iPhone 8 plus, is sleeker due to a non-bump camera and feels just right when you hold it. Well I actually love the way an S8 just sits there, looks like a shiny black rock and iPhone 8 couldn’t compete with.

For those people stuck on i-message features and IOS being their father, iPhone 8 upgrade is the only choice we have as Android might be something not well for us though it is a wonderful platform. In the end, when you buy an iPhone 8 and want to impress you fellows, it just won’t cut it as it’s JUST THE SAME as iPhone 7. For the show off to work, you will have to wait for the iPhone X.

Display, speakers  and boom

Apple’s added True Tone tech to the iPhone 8 display, which first appeared on the iPad Pro. I’ve always thought the iPhone LCD was the best overall display on the market in terms of color accuracy, and True Tone just makes it look better, by measuring ambient light with sensors on the front of the phone and adjusting color temperature on the fly. You won’t notice it working while it’s on, but if you obsessively click the button on and off under most indoor lighting you’ll see things warm up a little when it’s active.

The new iPhone 8 has a True Tone technology which was present in an iPad Pro. In terms of color accuracy and not vivid color, I think iPhone performs best. While Samsung may have vividness and mesmerizing colors you will love, apple iPhone 8 will give you what’s actually there and not enhanced colors.

iphone 8 true toneiphone 8 brightnessI just love the iPhone sound. Since its beginning for an iPod, Apple has been creating units that just beats everyone in its class. Same goes with iPhone 8 Stereo speaks which is upgraded as well and won’t disappoint your ears.


Although you won’t feel the change in Bluetooth technology much, but it’s crucial in future. The new Bluetooth 5 will be much more reliable in terms of stable connectivity. The pairing is done much more smoothly with third party speakers and devices.

The headphone jack is still missing which means you will have to stick to iPhone’s ear pods which in my opinion are not bad if you get used to it and it literally won’t take time for you to get a hang of it. Although the headphone dongle is the lowest rated product on Apple Store, it will eventually be something every other mobile manufacturer will be adapting too. But well that’s just my opinion.

OO Wow, Wire less charging. oo yes battrey life

Finally when everything is going wireless Apple has now also joined the game of wireless charging. I mean come on it is damn useful besides being cool. The iPhone 8 back glass actually allows it to be wirelessly charged. Apple will be using Mophie charging pads that also work with Qi pads from Samsung. Seems surprising that an Apple product can be used with other mobile manufacturers.

iphone 8 wireless charging

The qi pads are comparatively slow on charging compared with wire charging. Apple wants to compete by providing a fast wireless charging capability. The drawback of wireless charging is that it does not make you able to pick up your phone, but alternatively you can use the lighting cable.

According to an article published by Nilay Patel at the verge, the wireless charging made the phone really warm. When communicated with Apple, they said that the phone will stop charging if it gets too hot. I mean that’s not the solution, it should not get so warm.

Talking about battery life, iPhone 8 and 8 plus have smaller batteries compared with its predecessors iPhone 7. But still the battery performance is same as before giving one standard day usage. The point here with all iPhone is that over time their battery just loses its power so we will actually have to wait and see how iPhone 8 battery performs over time. Fingers crossed.


No doubt S8 have made a big wave in terms of Image capturing in various tests. Apple didn’t agree before but now iPhone 8 pictures are now much more saturated like Samsung S8s, giving images a vivid look. Although Apple’s focus is to be REAL in capturing pictures, than providing its customers with an edited image (lay man slang). The HDR feature is always ON so you cannot shot non-hdr pictures. According to some bloggers who have been vigorously testing iPhone 8, it gave them richest images compared to other feature phones.

iphone 8 camera


Still in the Beta phase, the iPhone 8 main feature in terms of photography is its portrait lighting with setups named as contour, studio and stage. It’s just like removing a background or blurred it to give images a more focused look on the subject. It’s in developing stage so will see some major improvements in upcoming updates.

Talking about performance

Talking about ALL NEW THINGS in an iPhone 8, iphone 8 has an all new A11 bionic processor. The same processor will also come in iPhone X. Why the name “Bionic” for a chipset? According to sources Apple wanted to name its processor so it can be more exciting to pronounce or read. Like last year Fusion was added to A10 processor. Do not think this is a turbo charged processor but it does the trick like all iPhones.

Performance wise iPhone 8 is faster than iPad pro and the lower end model of MacBook Pro. That’s how fast an iPhone 8 is. This time they have also added and Apple designed GPU which was not present in the past. Like always you won’t feel a big push in terms of performance for its previous version because that’s how it always has been. All iPhone work very fast so upgrading from an iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 won’t show you any wonders.


The new added processors performance can be felt while playing games and especially when you use apps that use Apple’s Arkit in iOS 11. Apps are still in developing stage as iPhone has just came out so you will have to wait a little before it is perfected.

The judgement

The new iPhone 8 is not something you will think to jump to. IPhone 7 is still very fast and performance cannot be practically compared when apps are played. If you want wireless charging you can use a case that will handle it. As far as the portrait function goes there are currently tons of apps available for iPhone 7 that will do the trick without spending. Of course with time apps will be developed that will fully utilize iPhone 8’s feature and performance. For us looking for best iPhone 8 price in Pakistan, it’s just a matter of time the phone gets a little old and we can get hands on it without any contract.

MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Original Pictures

muscletech platinum creatine seal

Get to know the real MuscleTech Platinum Creatine. Images, Description, Signs and More.

Like any other Musctech Product, Muscle Tech Plaitnum series Creatine is a perfect formula for Creatine if you are looking for serious and original muscle power and size. Though many people say that creatine is all water weight, Creatine does leave a lasting impact on your strength and stamina. According to an article published on Livestrong, creatine benefits far exceeds that of any other supplement in its category with benefits not only for muscles but improved brain functioning an focus.

This article in particular is focused on Original Muscle Tech Platinum Creatine and how to identify and original sealed product.

muscletech platinum creatine front pakistan

This is the front image of Muscle Platinum creatine. When buying creatine by MuscleTech always take a look at the finishing of the product. Any fake or tempered product will not have a shine like this original packing. This particular batch is NEW which means it has 100 grams extra creatine, making total of 500 grams. Do take a note of all the labels including, Muscletech with TM mark, America’s number 1 selling and Saint xavier leading university logo.

A close up image of the seal of Muscle Tech Micronized creatine. The seal is seamless with MT tm logo all over it. Do not forget to check the dotted line that goes on the seal which makes it easier for the seal to remove.

muscletech platinum creatine cap

The cap of MT creatine is black in color(as of now) with no embossed logo or print. You may check the seal for the dotted line here as well which is used to remove the seal easily.

muscletech platinum creatine awards

MuscleTech is proud of its research and products and never forgets to mention the awards it has received from several institutions. Here, the back side of original MT platium creatine includes the list of all the awards/ achievements and guarantees Muscle Tech has gained over the years.

When ever buying any supplement, always check the Supplement facts, to avoid any mishaps. Muscle Tech creatine only contains full creatine monohydrate and nothing else. You can check its label for spelling errors and clear supplement facts have been highlighted.

muscletech platinum creatine expiry

Last but defitenly not the least is the bottom of this product. EVery supplement has an expiration date and it is very important to get a supplement with a long expiry date so you can consume it over time. Original Muscletech Creatine jar is made by customblowmolding.com and no one else. Make sure when buying one, it is mentioned clearly with their contact number as well. The product also comes with mentioned LOT # and and exp date.


We hope that this article was helpful in identifying an Original Muscle Tech platinum creatine from a fake one. We at Synergize.pk believe in a healthier Pakistan and only provide products that we import and stock. So what are you waiting for, buy now and get a product which is Authentic and with long expiry.  Contact us now for any questions.


Original Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 6Lbs Pictures

serious mass 6lb original pictures front view. karachi lahore pakistan

An In-Depth Guide on Original Serious Mass 6lb with High Definition Original Product Images

This is the most awaited article for most of the Pakistani Body builders and fitness freaks. Why? The reason is that Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is one of the most highest selling and reputed mass gainer in Pakistan. Serious Mass in Pakistan is mostly available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry but our personal favorite is Strawberry as it allows us to add and mix different flavors such as adding strawberries, bananas and other fruits to make it even more effective while being tasty.

Although there are a lot of reliable sellers in the market, two things prevail that haunt customers not only in terms of being expensive but being fake as well that can harm one’s health. At Synergize.pk we believe in customer education. We are a group of highly educated and passionate fitness experts that are dedicated in providing information on all kinds of supplements to all Pakistanis. As Serious Mass 6lb is favorite for Pakistani’s it is seen that most people are copying this product and looting people. Synergize.pk will discuss in details about how to identify Original Serious Mass 6lb Jar in Pakistan with authentic and self taken images that will guide and differentiate between a fake and an original ON Serious Mass.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 


serious mass 6lb original pictures front view. karachi lahore pakistan
Click to enlarge.

We will start of with the front image of ON serious mass 6lb. The first destinction of an original product is its finishing. You can clearly see that an Original serious mass is labeled properly with Registered marks, flavour specification and a clear shining black bottle.

serious mass 6lb original pictures side view 1. karachi lahore pakistan
Click to enlarge.

The above picture is of a detailed graph of ingredients present in an Original and Authentic Serious Mass 6lb. Please Maximize the image and go through all ingredients so that you are sure it matches with your purchased product as well. You can also notice the ON sign at the bottom of the wrap.

serious mass 6lb original pictures cap. karachi lahore pakistan
Click to enlarge.

Now comes the fun part. An authentic ON product has an embossed cap. The image clearly shows the ON logo which is embossed with an embossed tag line of true strength. The emboss cap should have a fine quality with no spelling or design mistakes.

original serious mass 6lb images seal karachi lahore pakistan
Click to enlarge.

Optimum Nutrition Seal is the most important trademark of their brand. They claim that this seal cannot get copied and yes that is true. The ON golden seal is the most important sign to judge a product for its authenticity. The ON seal is golden in color and when you move the product you can see that it shines just like a highlighter. The seal is seamless which means that it is not a sticker but it is embossed with the black seal at the top of the container. Make sure to double check the seal of ON products as some people try to copy it but it can be easily identify if you follow this post.

serious mass 6lb original pictures expiry date karachi lahore pakistan
Click to enlarge.

For any eatable product, be it a medicine, fast food or supplement, the expiration date is very important for it to be consumed without any risk. In case of optimum nutrition Serious Mass 6lb, the expiration date is at the bottom of the jar and is in blue colored ink. Most of the ONs products come with a 2 year expiration date. So for example if a product is manufactured in 02 May 20016, it should have an expiration date of 02 May 2018. Please make sure to purchase a product with a clear expiration date. Although this date gets erased, you should make sure to ask for a product that has an expiration date mentioned or atleast manufacturing date is clear.


We get a lot of questions from customer who go through our articles about the bottom of the ON jar. The questions is why the bottom looks like it was opened and sealed together. Well, the answer is that it is manufactured this way from the company and there is nothing we can do about it.



Synergize.pk is proud to be Pakistan’s #1 Online supplement and fitness store as it has over 900 loyal customers and an unmatched and unparalleled customer service which is available around the clock either through Facebook, whats-app, text or a phone call. If you have any questions regarding this articles, please do comment and let us know space for any improvements or products that you think we should review.


If you want to buy the most cheapest and authentic Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 6 Lb you can do it here.


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The Matric Routine for Triceps

triceps exercises pakistan

The Matric Routine for Triceps for Pakistanis

THE MATRIX ROUTINE FOR TRICEPS by Synergize.pk offers something special for those who like training triceps and who also want to see quick results. The term ‘triceps’ derives from the Latin word for ‘three -headed’ and refers to the inner, outer and middle heads of the muscle area, each of which is engaged in straightening the arm. A word of caution – because the triceps is a relatively strong muscle, there is a temptation to use heavy weights to train it.

As a consequence, many athletes develop elbow problems which could have been avoided. The matrix principle is a great advantage in this regard, as it does not require heavy weights to work the muscle at its deepest levels to exhaustion. The other cause of injury, however, involves bouncing the weight when the barbell is lowered. But don’t sabotage your elbows by failing to control the weight at every point in the movement.

Matrix triceps exercise should he performed as ‘isokinetic’ or continuous tension movements. In other words, lowering and raising the weight at about the same speed in both directions.

The general matrix routine for triceps is made up of three exercises, performed consecutively as a ‘giant rotating set’ based around matrix “Iso-tension” movements. The initial exercises are:

  • The lying triceps ex-tension with a barbell, (with an EZ curl bar),
  • Triceps pushdowns on the lat machine, and
  • Standing triceps extensions (preferably with the EZ curl bar).

You should begin by warming up with 20 reps in the close grip bench press. Lying on the bench face up, choose a weight which is approximately 25 % of your maximum bench press. Your hands should grip the bar so that they are spaced no more than 15 to 25 cm apart. Lower the bar the chest (just below the nipple) and press the bar to arm’s length for 20 reps. Rest for one minute.

Sequence 1

The first exercise in the sequence is the lying triceps extension. You should start with a weight you can handle comfortably. Using the EZ curl bar, if possible, lie face up on a bench without racks, or if the bench has weight racks, lie at the opposite end of the bench from them. Grip the bar at a point which is about equal to the width of the bench. Start with the arms straight, as in the completion position of the bench press with the palms of your hands facing your feet. Slowly lower the bar to a point on the bench (or of the end of the bench) just behind the head by ben-ding the arms at the elbows only. The bar should just lightly touch the bench directly behind your head. Be careful not to hit your head on the way down and don’t pin your hair to the bench with the bar. Control is of the utmost importance in this exercise. Lower the bar and raise it to the complete point for 5 full reps. Now lower the bar and raise it up to a point about 3cm above the halfway position.

Now complete the first exercise by lowering and raising the weight for 5 full reps. Pause for 10 seconds and begin the second exercise in the sequence, triceps pushdowns.

Using the short triceps bar (if available) to attach to the lat machine cable, select a weight which you can handle comfortably for triceps pushdowns. Facing the lat machine, grip the bar and pull it towards the level of your pectorals. Push the bar down by rotating the forearm towards your thigh. Try to keep the elbows at your sides and stationary, as the movement should be from the elbows down to the hands only. Push the bar down towards the thigh and repeat moment for 15 conventional reps. Pause 10 seconds and proceed to the third exercise in the sequence, the standing triceps extension.

Using the EZ curl bar with a moderate weight, press the bar overhead. Keeping the elbow in the same position, lower the weight behind the head to about the point at which the neck meets the base of the skull and press the weight up to the original starting position. Repeat this movement for 5 reps. Now lower the bar to the bottom point and press it to just above the halfway point. Repeating this half movement for 5 reps. Straighten the arms to the overhead position again and lower the bar to a point approximately 3cm below halfway point; then straighten the arms. Repeating the movement for 5 reps.

Now finish the final movement in this first sequence with 5 full reps. If the weight is too heavy to maintain a strict style. Pause and try again. But do not bounce the weight at the bottom to get it up to the overhead position.

This then completes the first sequence. Rest for two minutes before proceeding.


Sequence 2

In the second sequence you commence with the second exercise in the first series. The triceps pushdown performed this time as an iso tension matrix. Thus you do 5 full reps to commence from the bottom to a point 3 cm just above the halfway point then 5 reps from the bottom to the starting position at pec level down to just below the halfway position. Finally completing this first exercise with 5 full reps. Pause for 5 seconds before proceeding.

The second exercise in the sequence is the third exercise in the first series, i.e. the standing triceps extension. Performed in conventional style. Holding the weight with arms straight overhead and palms facing the direction you are looking. Lower the weight by bending the elbow while the position of upper arm remains stationary and press the bar to arms’ length again. Repeat this movement for 12 to 15 reps. depending upon your stamina. Pause for 10 seconds before going on to the third exercise in the sequence.

The third exercise in the second sequence is the lying triceps extension. Performed as a matrix isotension. Lying face up on the bench and varying the grip from the first set. Press the bar to the arm’s length, keeping the elbows stationary and rotating only the lower half of the arm. Repeat this movement for 5 reps. Now lower the bar to the bench and raise it to a point 3 cm above the halfway position and repeat for 5 reps. Press the bar to the overhead position until the arms are straight and this time lower the bar down to just below the halfway position- elbows as stationary as possible and extend the bar to the starting position for 5 reps. Complete the final movement in the second sequence by doing 5 full reps. rest for 3 minutes before commencing.


Sequence 3

Sequence 3 begins with the third exercise in the first series, the standing triceps extension, performed again as a matrix isotension. This means that you press the bar to the overhead position so that the arms are straight and lower the bar behind the head as far as possible, returning the bar to the overhead position for 5 reps. Now lower the bar and do 4 reps from the bottom position to just above the halfway position, then do 4 reps from the overhead position to just below halfway and up; then 5 full reps. Pause 15 seconds.

The second exercise in the third sequence is the lying triceps extension, performed this time as a conventional movement for not more than 12 full reps. Upon completion of this movement you should pause for 20 seconds and begin the third exercise in the sequence.

The third exercise in the sequence is the triceps pushdown on the lat machine, per- formed this time as a matrix isotension. Facing the lat machine, do 5 full reps of the triceps pushdown. Now straighten the arms to the bottom position and relax the elbows so that the bar slowly raises to just above halfway position before straightening the arms again. Repeat for 5 reps. Now from the top position at the level of the pectorals, press the bar down to approximately 3cm below the halfway position and repeat the movement for 5 reps.

The exercise is now completed by doing 5 full reps in conventional style.


The matrix program by Synergize.pk as outlined above can be supplemented by substituting any of the following exercises: parallel bar dips (narrow bar spacing); single-arm dumbbell triceps extension; triceps kickback with a dumbbell, and triceps rear bench dips.

For those advanced bodybuilders who wish to Specialize on the triceps, the above routine can be performed twice per week for 7 weeks, if the original exercises are completely substituted with 3 different triceps exercises, rotating from week to Week the specific exercises which constitute the series. Always maintain good nutrition and diet by supplementing your diet with Whey protein, essential vitamins and pre-workout supplements in Pakistan to fuel your body throughout the day.

Original Muscle Tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Pictures

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original

Buy from the Best, Buy Original Muscle Tech Hydroxycut from Synergize.pk and stay aware from the Fake! Check Original Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Pictures before your purchase. 

Pakistan has been good to all of us. No matter what the conditions, we love our country and appreciate God to be born in such a graceful and kind country. But some or the other way we need to be careful in all circumstances of life, whether buying a car or as simple as buying a supplement or any other medicine.

Due to few illiterate and inhuman people, we Pakistani’s have to face products that are counterfeit. We at Synergize.pk aim to shatter the aims of these humans by posting all the latest pictures for Supplements that include body building and fitness supplements.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 

In this post we will discuss and elaborate the details of the most renowned fat burner known as Muscle Tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. As the Bottle has no cap seal like Optimum nutrition whey protein, you may ask yourself what is the best way to differentiate between an original and fake product? Well here is the detailed answer:

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original
Click to enlarge.

Starting off with the above mentioned picture which is the Front facing image of the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Bottle, you can clearly see the glossy finish the product has. An easy way to taste the bottle wrapper is to move it a little in some light and you will see it glow just like an highlighter. This is the first and foremost thing to check while purchasing this product.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original pictures pakistan
Click to enlarge.

Another view of the original fat burner bottle. You can notice the glossy and highlight effect the bottle has throughout the wrapping. Always check for any spelling mistakes or any missing TM signs that can depict fake products.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original pictures in karachi
Click to enlarge.

Any supplement you choose to buy, always check that nutritional facts are present. In the case of original Muscle tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite version, you must check the ingredients mentioned are same like in this image and and properly mentioned without any spelling mistakes.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original in lahore
Click to enlarge.

The Cap of the Muscle Tech Hydroxycut hardcore elite is Embossed defining the way to open the bottle. The bottle opens by pushing the cap downwards and then rotating the cap anti-clockwise. You must make sure the cap has this labeled and has an anti opening mechanism which is usually there to prevent kids from swallowing any pills.

hydroxycut hardcore elite original images
Click to enlarge.

Last but definitively not the least, the expiry date for any supplement or medicine is crucial. Avoid using or buying any expired product, or any product with an inadvisable expiry date. In case of original muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite bottle you will get the expiration date in this format with lot number and complete expiry date. The bottom bottle also has an ALPHA sign embossed that is the maker of this genuine bottle.


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Original Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Pictures

original body building supplements from synergize.pk in pakistan lahore karachiSynergize.pk provides 100% Original bodybuilding supplements in Pakistan. Below are the Original Product Images that will help you Identify Original from Fake. 

We love Pakistan, but due to some unethical activities in all aspects of life, you should be very careful while buying medicines and supplements. Synergize.pk admires itself as being 100% authentic in providing original products that include all kinds of body building supplements in Pakistan.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 


optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan5
Click to Enlarge.

Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. The Picture shows the Original ON seal from the top and an EMBOSSED ON logo with mentioned website.


optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan4
Click to Enlarge.

Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. The picture shows the bottom of the 5lb ON jar. Please take a notice of the expiry date that mentions the batch number, manufactured date and time. All original optimum nutrition products have an expiry date. Previously the expiry was stamped at the neck of the bottle but now new jars have an expiry date at the bottom. Do not accept any product with erased or tempered expiration date. Buy from Synergize.pk to get complete satisfaction.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan
Click to Enlarge.

Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar from the side angel. Notice the finish and all the nutritional facts that are present.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan2
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar from the side angel. Notice the finish and all the nutritional facts that are present.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan1
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar from the front angel. Notice the finish along with servings, nutritional facts and the original seal.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan
Click to Enlarge.

Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar authentic seal. The seal is the key element in differentiating original optimum nutrition products from fake. The seal should be golden glossy and have a shinning effect to it. Do not accept any tempered, broken or any other seal that differs from this image. Buying protein or dietary supplements from Synergize.pk means that you will get a satisfaction like non other.



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5 Day Workout Routine

5 day workout routine

5 Day Workout Routine by Synergize.pk

The 5 Day workout Routine is the routine that is followed continuously for a length of time of 5 days in a row. This routine consist of 5 major body parts training, each body parts for every 5 every single day.


How does the 5 day workout routine works?

The person will be doing 5 workouts every week. Every day, the separate body part will be trained with a number of different exercises.


Day 1: This is the routine

  • Barbell Squats, do 4 sets 8 times, with rest time of 2minutes
  • Leg press, do 4 sets 25 times, with rest time of 2minutes
  • Leg Curl, do 5 sets 8 times, with rest time of 1 minute
  • Lunges, do 3 sets 15-20 times, with rest time of 1 minute
  • Seated calf raise, do 5 sets 12 times, with rest time of 1 minute
  • Standing calf raise, do 4 sets 25-30 times, with rest time of 1 minute
  • Cardio workout (20-25 minutes)


Day 2: this is the routine:

  • Barbell Bench Press (1minute)
  • Incline dumbbell press, do 4 sets 8 times, with rest time of 1 minute
  • Flat dumbbell flies, do 4 sets 12 times, with rest time of 1 minute
  • Dumbbell pullovers, do 4 sets 15 times, with the rest time of 1 minutes.
  • Push ups, do 3 sets for 1 minute
  • Leg raises off bench, do 3 sets for 25 times, with rest of 30 seconds
  • Cable crunches, do 3 sets for 15 times with the rest of 30 seconds
  • Cardio, for 20 to 25 minutes


Day 3: this the routine:

  • Chin up, do 4 sets with the rest time of 1 minute
  • One arm dumbbell rows, do 4 sets 10 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Reverse grip pulldowns, do 4 sets 12 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Barbell power cleans, do 4 sets 8 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Hyperextensions, do 4 sets 15-20 times, with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Dumbbell side bends do 4 sets 20 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Cardio Perform for 20 to 25 minutes.


Day 4: this is the routine:

  • Military press, do 5 sets 8 times with the rest time of 2 minutes
  • Side laterals, do 4 sets 10 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Barbell upright rows, do 4 sets 12 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Bent Over Laterals, do 5 sets 15 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Incline sit ups, do 4 sets 30-50 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Cardio Perform for 20 to 25 minutes.


Day 5: this is the routine:

  • Close grip bench press, do 5 sets 6 times with the rest time of 2 minutes
  • Standing barbell curls, do 5 sets 6 times with the rest time of 2 minutes
  • Skull crushers, do 4 sets 10 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Incline dumbbell curls, do 4 sets 10 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Triceps cable press downs, do 3 sets 15 times with the rest time of 1 minute
  • Dumbbell concentration curls, do 3 sets 15 times with the rest time of 1 minute.





Selecting Whey Protein for Women

Best Whey protein for women

The importance of choosing best whey protein for women


There are a number of reasons why adding protein in a women diet will be beneficial. Protein is made of 20 amino acids, out of which 9 acids are essential, which means that your body is not capable of producing is amino acid by its own. Therefore, you can only consume it through eating food which have proteins.

Protein which we eat is the building blocks of muscle. There are also important because they are needed for neurotransmitters and hormones.



Advantages of taking protein:

  • Protein balances out your energy levels and appetite. Protein takes longer to break down and digest. This means the person will be full for a longer time.


  • Burning of Calories is done more efficiently: A body needs 20-35 percent of energy to burn and digest protein, which means protein have a great thermic effect of food.


  • Protein also boosts your immune system. If a person uses the best whey protein for women to their diet, they not only takes muscle-building strength but also boost their immune system. The best whey protein for women consists of glutathione, which is a tri-peptide which is helpful in strengthening the function of immune.


What is Whey protein and is it good to take whey protein?

Whey protein actually is the by-product of cheese production which is the liquid left over on top of the curdled milk.  This protein contains the protein which is necessary for making protein synthesis and hypertrophy.


Whey is used mostly by athletes and bodybuilder women. It is because of the high amount of amino acids present. These proteins are high in leucine, which is the essential amino acids that are used in producing the initials of protein synthesis.


The best time to take whey protein is after training, because of this rapid digestion and abundance of leucine.


What are the types of Whey protein that are available?

There are three major kinds.

  • Whey Concentrate
  • Whey isolate
  • Whey hydrolysate


Whey concentrate is the Cheapest form of protein because it is least processed. This protein contains a few amounts of fat as well as lactose. Whey isolates are the better quality of protein, as the fat and lactose is refined from it.  They are more expensive to manufacture as compared to whey concentrate.


Whey hydrolysate is the predigested form of whey protein, which means out body can easily absorb it, and this type is also free of any allergenic substance which contains milk products.  This is also good for solubility and digestibility of protein. Whey concentrate is the most expensive as compared to the remaining other three types.


What factors are considered before taking any of this whey protein?

While selecting the type and amount of protein intake, these factors should be considered:


  • The total muscle women have. The more the muscle, the higher the amount of protein intake.


  • How active a woman is. If a woman is really active in exercise, the body needs more protein intake.


  • The age of the women. The more aged the women are, the body needs more protein to maintain the lean mass.





Best headphones for working out

best headphones for working out

How to select the best headphones for working out

Staying motivated and propelled throughout your workout is the greatest accomplishment you can get. To get concentration, best way suggest by the trainers are listening to music. Apart from supplements, music is the medication of concentration during workout. But when your body is tired through your leg press, or weightlifting, or a miles run, the falling of earbuds is the worst anyone can expect. Now these annoying earbuds keeps irritation you throughout your workout. Instead of relaxing you and helping you in concentration, they will be the main source of distraction while working out. Having the best headphones will help you in concentrating, which will increase your strength and coordination with relieving stress.



So, what are the things to consider before buying the Best Headphones for Working Out?

• Usability.
Wriggling with the headphones are the exact opposite thing a person wants while doing a work out. While working out, a person anticipates that the Bluetooth headsets will match and pair as quickly as possible, or the wired headset to stop annoying you with those long tangled wire. So while buying the best headphones for working out, consider a less simple headphones, which will control your anger.
• Convenience and portability.
While working out, a person does not want to carry huge headphones, which will come on the way of the exercise. The headphones should be light weight and should be carried and transported easily in the person’s bag or hand. When you buy the headphones, make sure that you check its net weight. It is generally printed on the back of the box and sometimes also in front. Do not buy headphones that are heavy as it will cause discomfort to your ears during the exercise.
• Sweat Resistance
It is logical that you are going to get pretty damp with sweat while you work out. Nobody wants an earphone which makes annoying noises when it touches moisture. Make sure that the headphones are functional in the presence of sweat. These headphones will last longer and will not hinder your exercise routine. Therefore, water resistance headphones are a must!
• Secure and stable fitted Headphones.
This is also one of the most important factors when you are selecting the best headphones for working out because when you are doing exercises like push-ups or running up and down, so this will include exercises like push-ups or running up and down, so this will cause irritation if they would become loose after a few minutes. Best headphone for working out should stay stead and secure your head regardless.
• Play time
You can perceive how long of music you can get from Bluetooth earphones by investigating their play time. How long you need relies on upon how every now and again you run and how regularly you need to energize your batteries. But this depends totally on financial budget.
• Sound Quality.
With Bluetooth earphones that meet the paradigm above, you need the best conceivable sound quality there is for your financial plan. It incorporates stunning clarity, adjust and sound proliferation, and profound and precise bass.






A Review of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in Pakistan

Review of Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey in Pakistan

A Review of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in PakistanWe have all heard about Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey protein in magazines and online shops abroad but have never seen a review about it in Pakistan. That is why here is an honest review by Synergize.pk’s team about the most talked about supplement of the world.



We have not only been in this business for past 10 years but have been practicing regular workouts and visits to several gyms near our area to improve the awareness of regular exercise and taking dietary supplements. To be honest, we have never found such a good tasting protein with the associated benefits attached. Either you choose to buy a double chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavor, we can assure you that ON whey protein will keep on surprising you on each serving you have.

Good enough so that I looked forward to drinking it as a form of desert. Therefore, flavor wise, I award Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein a score of 7.5/10.

We would rate Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein a score of 9 out of 10.




ON continues to surprise us through is innovation in dietary supplements. Just add 1 or 2 scope to a shaker bottle, shake it for about 20 seconds and you are good to go. Trust us, this is the only thing you have to do. The supplement is so good in mixability that we have even used a spoon stir to dissolve the powder in water and milk and it mixes very easily.

We would award a score of 10 out of 10 for its mixability.




Unlike creatine or other pre workout supplements, whey protein do not have an immediate effect on your body.

Although there is no immediate effect with using any kind of protein supplement, what we have personally experienced is that you can see the effects within a month by using ON’s whey protein 2 scoops per day.

We have seen reasonable amount of power in intense workouts after the use of whey protein for a period of 2 weeks. The workouts last longer and stronger. ON’s whey protein available in Pakistan through Synergize.pk can also be used as a meal replacement supplement that makes it ideal as we Pakistani’s enjoy eating unhealthy food and the lack in protein in our food can be replaced by supplements.

We remember back in the days, when protein supplementation was not considered, it clearly added strength and mass to our bodies if combined with regular workouts and healthy diet.




We have failed to found an effective protein supplement that tastes good and mixes easily. According to a research, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein is the world’s most bought supplement. The product has received 5-star rating on all body building forums.

If you want a light taste that can be used twice or thrice a day, go for the strawberry flavor. On the other hand, if you are in just for the taste, you can try double chocolate that is as good as eating an ice-cream but the downside is, you will get fed up of the taste quite easily.

Most of the protein supplement brand claim about their protein content, but few individual lab studies show that ON’s whey protein contains the highest amount of protein per serving. We can no doubt award ON whey protein an overall score of 9 out of 10.


P.S: Always remember exercise and supplementation goes side by side. A supplement is nothing but a tasty shake if not mixed with regular workouts.





Chicken with Balsamic Fig Sauce: Recipe for People on Diet in Pakistan

An easy and quick diet recipe for all Pakistanis.

Starting with the Chicken with Balsamic Fig Sauce Recipe

Due to an unbalanced diet and lifestyle espically for us Pakistanis where our main dish is made out of oil, most of us are suffering from overweight issues and diabetes. I personally love this recipe as it provides a blend of both protein rich diet while being a healthy recipe for diabetic patients. The recipe includes figs that I love to eat in snacks. Nowadays it is very hard to find good recipes that are rich in taste yet provide a healthy diet for the diabetic.

This recipe can also serve a purpose for athletes who are looking for a calorie and fat free diet. The recipe is pretty easy and quick while fancy enough for a dinner party. I always start off with listing down the ingredients, rather than placing everything at the end.


What you will need to make a chicken with balsamic fig sauce?

  • 4, six ounces boneless skinless chicken breast cut in halves.
  • Half tea spoon salt
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of fresh thyme leaves divided
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • ¼ teaspoon grounded black pepper
  • 3/4 cup of chopped onion
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar (secret ingredient)
  • 1/2 cup fat-free, chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup of finely chopped dried figs
  • 2 teaspoons low-sodium soy sauce


How to start with cooking a chicken with balsamic fig sauce?

As I said earlier, cooking this recipe is super quick and easy.

  • Start off by sprinkling chicken with thyme leaves ¼ teaspoon salt and freshly grounded black pepper. Massage the paste over the chicken and make sure each area is covered adequately.
  • Add some oil in a skillet and place it on a stove at medium heat. Add all of the chicken into the skillet and cook for about 6 minutes on each side or until they are done. Remove the chicken from the pan and keep it in a warm place as you will now make the sauce in the same pan.
  • To enhance the flavor of the recipe, I replaced oil with butter to make the sauce as it will be the main ingredient that will make the dish. Add one tablespoon butter with onions and cook for about 3 minutes on medium heat. Add the chicken broth, soy sauce, vinegar and figs into the pan and keep stirring till the sauce is reduced to almost a cup. According to my calculation, this process will take 3 minutes. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon of thyme with ¼ teaspoon of salt and reduce the heat to minimum. Remove the pan from stove after one to two minutes.


How to serve a chicken with balsamic fig sauce?

To serve the dish cut the chicken breasts lengthwise into slices and add the sauce on top of the chicken. The sauce of this recipe will serve as its gravy so while serving, make sure each chicken slice gets a taste of the sauce.

The recipe comes in fine dining while keeping in mind that the dish will be served to a diabetic. The amount of ingredients use can yield 4 servings with a nutrition value of 355 calories, 41g protein, 11g fat, 2.1mg iron, 3g fiber and 71mg calcium.