MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Original Pictures

muscletech platinum creatine seal

Get to know the real MuscleTech Platinum Creatine. Images, Description, Signs and More.

Like any other Musctech Product, Muscle Tech Plaitnum series Creatine is a perfect formula for Creatine if you are looking for serious and original muscle power and size. Though many people say that creatine is all water weight, Creatine does leave a lasting impact on your strength and stamina. According to an article published on Livestrong, creatine benefits far exceeds that of any other supplement in its category with benefits not only for muscles but improved brain functioning an focus.

This article in particular is focused on Original Muscle Tech Platinum Creatine and how to identify and original sealed product.

muscletech platinum creatine front pakistan

This is the front image of Muscle Platinum creatine. When buying creatine by MuscleTech always take a look at the finishing of the product. Any fake or tempered product will not have a shine like this original packing. This particular batch is NEW which means it has 100 grams extra creatine, making total of 500 grams. Do take a note of all the labels including, Muscletech with TM mark, America’s number 1 selling and Saint xavier leading university logo.

A close up image of the seal of Muscle Tech Micronized creatine. The seal is seamless with MT tm logo all over it. Do not forget to check the dotted line that goes on the seal which makes it easier for the seal to remove.

muscletech platinum creatine cap

The cap of MT creatine is black in color(as of now) with no embossed logo or print. You may check the seal for the dotted line here as well which is used to remove the seal easily.

muscletech platinum creatine awards

MuscleTech is proud of its research and products and never forgets to mention the awards it has received from several institutions. Here, the back side of original MT platium creatine includes the list of all the awards/ achievements and guarantees Muscle Tech has gained over the years.

When ever buying any supplement, always check the Supplement facts, to avoid any mishaps. Muscle Tech creatine only contains full creatine monohydrate and nothing else. You can check its label for spelling errors and clear supplement facts have been highlighted.

muscletech platinum creatine expiry

Last but defitenly not the least is the bottom of this product. EVery supplement has an expiration date and it is very important to get a supplement with a long expiry date so you can consume it over time. Original Muscletech Creatine jar is made by and no one else. Make sure when buying one, it is mentioned clearly with their contact number as well. The product also comes with mentioned LOT # and and exp date.


We hope that this article was helpful in identifying an Original Muscle Tech platinum creatine from a fake one. We at believe in a healthier Pakistan and only provide products that we import and stock. So what are you waiting for, buy now and get a product which is Authentic and with long expiry.  Contact us now for any questions.


Original Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 6Lbs Pictures

serious mass 6lb original pictures front view. karachi lahore pakistan

An In-Depth Guide on Original Serious Mass 6lb with High Definition Original Product Images

This is the most awaited article for most of the Pakistani Body builders and fitness freaks. Why? The reason is that Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is one of the most highest selling and reputed mass gainer in Pakistan. Serious Mass in Pakistan is mostly available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry but our personal favorite is Strawberry as it allows us to add and mix different flavors such as adding strawberries, bananas and other fruits to make it even more effective while being tasty.

Although there are a lot of reliable sellers in the market, two things prevail that haunt customers not only in terms of being expensive but being fake as well that can harm one’s health. At we believe in customer education. We are a group of highly educated and passionate fitness experts that are dedicated in providing information on all kinds of supplements to all Pakistanis. As Serious Mass 6lb is favorite for Pakistani’s it is seen that most people are copying this product and looting people. will discuss in details about how to identify Original Serious Mass 6lb Jar in Pakistan with authentic and self taken images that will guide and differentiate between a fake and an original ON Serious Mass.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 


serious mass 6lb original pictures front view. karachi lahore pakistan
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We will start of with the front image of ON serious mass 6lb. The first destinction of an original product is its finishing. You can clearly see that an Original serious mass is labeled properly with Registered marks, flavour specification and a clear shining black bottle.

serious mass 6lb original pictures side view 1. karachi lahore pakistan
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The above picture is of a detailed graph of ingredients present in an Original and Authentic Serious Mass 6lb. Please Maximize the image and go through all ingredients so that you are sure it matches with your purchased product as well. You can also notice the ON sign at the bottom of the wrap.

serious mass 6lb original pictures cap. karachi lahore pakistan
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Now comes the fun part. An authentic ON product has an embossed cap. The image clearly shows the ON logo which is embossed with an embossed tag line of true strength. The emboss cap should have a fine quality with no spelling or design mistakes.

original serious mass 6lb images seal karachi lahore pakistan
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Optimum Nutrition Seal is the most important trademark of their brand. They claim that this seal cannot get copied and yes that is true. The ON golden seal is the most important sign to judge a product for its authenticity. The ON seal is golden in color and when you move the product you can see that it shines just like a highlighter. The seal is seamless which means that it is not a sticker but it is embossed with the black seal at the top of the container. Make sure to double check the seal of ON products as some people try to copy it but it can be easily identify if you follow this post.

serious mass 6lb original pictures expiry date karachi lahore pakistan
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For any eatable product, be it a medicine, fast food or supplement, the expiration date is very important for it to be consumed without any risk. In case of optimum nutrition Serious Mass 6lb, the expiration date is at the bottom of the jar and is in blue colored ink. Most of the ONs products come with a 2 year expiration date. So for example if a product is manufactured in 02 May 20016, it should have an expiration date of 02 May 2018. Please make sure to purchase a product with a clear expiration date. Although this date gets erased, you should make sure to ask for a product that has an expiration date mentioned or atleast manufacturing date is clear.


We get a lot of questions from customer who go through our articles about the bottom of the ON jar. The questions is why the bottom looks like it was opened and sealed together. Well, the answer is that it is manufactured this way from the company and there is nothing we can do about it. is proud to be Pakistan’s #1 Online supplement and fitness store as it has over 900 loyal customers and an unmatched and unparalleled customer service which is available around the clock either through Facebook, whats-app, text or a phone call. If you have any questions regarding this articles, please do comment and let us know space for any improvements or products that you think we should review.


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Original Muscle Tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Pictures

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original

Buy from the Best, Buy Original Muscle Tech Hydroxycut from and stay aware from the Fake! Check Original Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Pictures before your purchase. 

Pakistan has been good to all of us. No matter what the conditions, we love our country and appreciate God to be born in such a graceful and kind country. But some or the other way we need to be careful in all circumstances of life, whether buying a car or as simple as buying a supplement or any other medicine.

Due to few illiterate and inhuman people, we Pakistani’s have to face products that are counterfeit. We at aim to shatter the aims of these humans by posting all the latest pictures for Supplements that include body building and fitness supplements.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 

In this post we will discuss and elaborate the details of the most renowned fat burner known as Muscle Tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. As the Bottle has no cap seal like Optimum nutrition whey protein, you may ask yourself what is the best way to differentiate between an original and fake product? Well here is the detailed answer:

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original
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Starting off with the above mentioned picture which is the Front facing image of the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Bottle, you can clearly see the glossy finish the product has. An easy way to taste the bottle wrapper is to move it a little in some light and you will see it glow just like an highlighter. This is the first and foremost thing to check while purchasing this product.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original pictures pakistan
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Another view of the original fat burner bottle. You can notice the glossy and highlight effect the bottle has throughout the wrapping. Always check for any spelling mistakes or any missing TM signs that can depict fake products.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original pictures in karachi
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Any supplement you choose to buy, always check that nutritional facts are present. In the case of original Muscle tech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite version, you must check the ingredients mentioned are same like in this image and and properly mentioned without any spelling mistakes.

muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite original in lahore
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The Cap of the Muscle Tech Hydroxycut hardcore elite is Embossed defining the way to open the bottle. The bottle opens by pushing the cap downwards and then rotating the cap anti-clockwise. You must make sure the cap has this labeled and has an anti opening mechanism which is usually there to prevent kids from swallowing any pills.

hydroxycut hardcore elite original images
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Last but definitively not the least, the expiry date for any supplement or medicine is crucial. Avoid using or buying any expired product, or any product with an inadvisable expiry date. In case of original muscle tech hydroxycut hardcore elite bottle you will get the expiration date in this format with lot number and complete expiry date. The bottom bottle also has an ALPHA sign embossed that is the maker of this genuine bottle.


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Original Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Pictures

original body building supplements from in pakistan lahore provides 100% Original bodybuilding supplements in Pakistan. Below are the Original Product Images that will help you Identify Original from Fake. 

We love Pakistan, but due to some unethical activities in all aspects of life, you should be very careful while buying medicines and supplements. admires itself as being 100% authentic in providing original products that include all kinds of body building supplements in Pakistan.

This page is continuously updated to keep the product images according to the Supplement company standard. 


optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan5
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. The Picture shows the Original ON seal from the top and an EMBOSSED ON logo with mentioned website.


optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan4
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. The picture shows the bottom of the 5lb ON jar. Please take a notice of the expiry date that mentions the batch number, manufactured date and time. All original optimum nutrition products have an expiry date. Previously the expiry was stamped at the neck of the bottle but now new jars have an expiry date at the bottom. Do not accept any product with erased or tempered expiration date. Buy from to get complete satisfaction.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar from the side angel. Notice the finish and all the nutritional facts that are present.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan2
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar from the side angel. Notice the finish and all the nutritional facts that are present.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan1
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar from the front angel. Notice the finish along with servings, nutritional facts and the original seal.

optimum nutrition 5lb original in karachi lahore pakistan
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Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs. A picture of ON 5lb jar authentic seal. The seal is the key element in differentiating original optimum nutrition products from fake. The seal should be golden glossy and have a shinning effect to it. Do not accept any tempered, broken or any other seal that differs from this image. Buying protein or dietary supplements from means that you will get a satisfaction like non other.



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A Review of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in Pakistan

Review of Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey in Pakistan

A Review of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in PakistanWe have all heard about Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey protein in magazines and online shops abroad but have never seen a review about it in Pakistan. That is why here is an honest review by’s team about the most talked about supplement of the world.



We have not only been in this business for past 10 years but have been practicing regular workouts and visits to several gyms near our area to improve the awareness of regular exercise and taking dietary supplements. To be honest, we have never found such a good tasting protein with the associated benefits attached. Either you choose to buy a double chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavor, we can assure you that ON whey protein will keep on surprising you on each serving you have.

Good enough so that I looked forward to drinking it as a form of desert. Therefore, flavor wise, I award Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein a score of 7.5/10.

We would rate Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein a score of 9 out of 10.




ON continues to surprise us through is innovation in dietary supplements. Just add 1 or 2 scope to a shaker bottle, shake it for about 20 seconds and you are good to go. Trust us, this is the only thing you have to do. The supplement is so good in mixability that we have even used a spoon stir to dissolve the powder in water and milk and it mixes very easily.

We would award a score of 10 out of 10 for its mixability.




Unlike creatine or other pre workout supplements, whey protein do not have an immediate effect on your body.

Although there is no immediate effect with using any kind of protein supplement, what we have personally experienced is that you can see the effects within a month by using ON’s whey protein 2 scoops per day.

We have seen reasonable amount of power in intense workouts after the use of whey protein for a period of 2 weeks. The workouts last longer and stronger. ON’s whey protein available in Pakistan through can also be used as a meal replacement supplement that makes it ideal as we Pakistani’s enjoy eating unhealthy food and the lack in protein in our food can be replaced by supplements.

We remember back in the days, when protein supplementation was not considered, it clearly added strength and mass to our bodies if combined with regular workouts and healthy diet.




We have failed to found an effective protein supplement that tastes good and mixes easily. According to a research, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein is the world’s most bought supplement. The product has received 5-star rating on all body building forums.

If you want a light taste that can be used twice or thrice a day, go for the strawberry flavor. On the other hand, if you are in just for the taste, you can try double chocolate that is as good as eating an ice-cream but the downside is, you will get fed up of the taste quite easily.

Most of the protein supplement brand claim about their protein content, but few individual lab studies show that ON’s whey protein contains the highest amount of protein per serving. We can no doubt award ON whey protein an overall score of 9 out of 10.


P.S: Always remember exercise and supplementation goes side by side. A supplement is nothing but a tasty shake if not mixed with regular workouts.