Protein is a basic requirement for anyone. It does not matter if you are involved in an intense exercise regime, protein will maintain and develop your muscles and bones. The amount of protein needed by each individual varies, but it for certain that no matter how much you eat per day, you will not be able to match the requirement. Here Protein powder comes in. Just like any other supplement protein powder is necessary for your daily lives.

Cost Effective Solution: Protein powders or meal replacements supplements are a more cost effective and quick solution to preparing daily meals. However, they are only supplement, so you should not replace your diet with a supplement. They can add an extra value to your diet. Whole food diet is more effective as it is a combination of protein and other vitamins and nutrients.

The take home message is that food and supplements are essential to fulfill a optimal nutrient intake including the required level of protein intake particularly if you were not born a master chef! And I assume that over 95% of you reading this do not have a personal maid at home cooking all your meals while you sit around waiting for your next meal. Some may agree and some may disagree, but the given figure is derived from years of personal research and training.

Whey protein in Pakistan plays a major role, as here our food recipes differ from the ones in the West. In the end, Protein is necessary, but it can never compensate or take over a whole meal diet but it does play a vital role in completing your daily macro requirements.


We are asked this question on a regular basis, but we still want to repeat it one more time so that all Pakistani’s new in the fitness world can benefit from it. Do put it bluntly, Whey Protein powders or any other supplement available through Synergize.pk is as effective as any other food dish you have on a regular basis. However, supplements are specialized in their features giving you the best you can get from consuming it.

If we talk about normal protein powder, any protein you choose to use contain a variety of amino acids, vitamins and protein itself that can maintain or build muscles if combined with a proper workout regime.


There are different types of protein powders and brands available in the market that differ from each other in terms of contents used to make them. Not all are as healthy as they can claim to be. You need to look out for protein powders that consist of artificial colors and sweetners and avoid using any such protein. Although these do not harm in the short run but they can cause problems for your health in the long run. The basic purpose of using supplements is to keep you healthy, so what is the point of using unhealthy supplements if they do not benefit you?

Look for a protein powder with natural ingredients rather than products that are sweetened with chemicals and made with ingredients that are certainly not going to create an environment for muscle growth and fat burning.

What to look for in a Supplement:

You are compromising your healthy once you introduce low quality refined and processed carbs that could include brown rice syrup, sucrose or fructose into your shakes. Do your due diligence and ensure the nutrition company is truly committed to optimal health. Unfortunately supplement manufacturers will continue to meet the demands of bodybuilding consumers with unknown crappy products because we buy it and it is cheaper for them to create.

Do your homework by seeking out unbiased reviews, investigating the companies history, and reputation. And then make a decision and take responsibility!

In the past one of my criteria for a healthy protein product was that it was great tasting and that it should mix easily. Most protein powders mix quite easily, even with a spoon, however I was disappointed to discover that taste will inevitably be sacrificed for a safe and healthy product. I can live with this.

You see, once a product is removed of all artificial chemical sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose, and simple sugars it is left almost tasteless and sometimes even gross.