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Nutrex Vitrix 80 Caps in Pakistan


About the Product
  • Nutrex Vitrix 80 Caps in Pakistan.
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Nutrex Vitrix. All Natural Testosterone Booster in Pakistan

Vitrix by Nutrex is a 80 capsule formula which is a natural Testosterone Booster which will not only increase your testosterone level but improve your sexual performance. It is really a magic pill with no side effects like using Viagra in Pakistan that can lead to many side effects if used for a long time.

Nutrex Vitrix is now available in Pakistan. 2 capsules per day can increase your Testosterone levels naturally. Buy now with 100% confidence as all products are 100% imported and comes with money back guarantee. Free shipping is also provided in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or any other city in Pakistan. Buy now and improve your strength, increase libido, improve sexual performance and improve your over all stamina.

Nutrex Vitrix, Male enhancement pill, Increase in libido and strength, whats more?

Nutrex Vitrix is an all natural Testosterone Booster than is guaranteed to increase your Testosterone Levels, improve your strength and give you an awesome sexual life.  The product has almost 5 star rating on with people reviewing it as a perfect pill for your sexual and gym life. An increase in natural Testosterone Level can pump your body, give you stronger workouts and increase your stamina. You can literally feel like an unstoppable machine in gym.

The Formula

Tribulus: The formula of Nutrex Vitrix includes a rate and extremely potent German Tribulus. Tribulus have been taken by millions of people for its associted benefits that increse athletic performance and for health and sexual issues.

Eurycomia Longifolia: Called LJ100. It has been proven, yes we are not just making this up but literally many researches have proven that Eurycomia increases sexual performance along with given satisfaction and a feeling of well being. Unlike Viagra that you can buy at a very expensive price in Pakistan, Vitrix by Nutrex consists of Herbal ingredients that do no have any side effects.

Citrulline: For bodybuilders the term arginine might ring a bell which in case of VITRIX Citrulline has been replace with arginine. Studies suggest that corellate use of Citrulline with pro erectile supplement and it is stronger and more potent that its rival arginine. What more? When use as a pro sexual supplement in Pakistan, Citrulline can increase erectile strength and hardess.

So why not give this amazing supplement a try out? 100% original supplements in Pakistan that come with Money back Guarantee. has a 5 star rating which makes us Pakistan’s #1 Online Nutrition and supplement Store. Give us a call if you have any queries about this supplement.