Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer 10LBs in Pakistan
Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer 10LBs in Pakistan

Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer 10LBs in Pakistan


About the Product
  • 10 LBs Tub of Russian Bear 10000 Weight Gainer.
  • Available in either Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate or Cookies.
  • Free Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan.
  • Ships within 2 business days.
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Superior quality protein from 100% whey sources in RUSSIAN BEAR
10000 weight gainer in Pakistan formula provide muscle growth nutrition with a high
bioavailability rating for maximum absorption.

Fuel driven Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MTC Oil) within RUSSIAN
BEAR 10000™ ’s rich complex carbs, increases energy and reduces
muscle breakdown to keep your performance at it’s ultimate level, due to
its ability to augment metabolism and accelerate the natural healing
functions of the immune system. With a superior amino acid profile, and
strengthened antioxidant levels to complete the mix, RUSSIAN BEAR
10000™ provides for maximum muscle cell volumizing.

RUSSIAN BEAR 10000™ supreme weight and muscle gain formula can
provide a cellular hydration occurrence in muscle and a hormonal
circumstance during recovery, which may be advantageous to protein
synthesis and muscle growth. Every serving of RUSSIAN BEAR 10000™
contains 22 grams of fat, 314 grams of rich complex carbs, and a whopping
100 grams of high quality protein. To achieve ultimate results, combine
with resistance exercise or weight training.

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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

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